Lessons of 2020: Rebuild Business Processes While Offices Are Empty

Set up PBX so that employees’ calls from home look like they are from the office. Take advantage of free FMC SIM cards that are easy to integrate with CRM. We will tell you about these and other technologies using the experience of MTT, a provider of intelligent business solutions.

In early December, the Federation Council approved a law on remote work. The law, in particular, assumes that during an emergency it will be possible to transfer employees to a remote location without prior notification. A competent approach to the adjustment of business processes will help companies in this. MTT’s experience suggests that advice and outside perspectives are never superfluous in business matters. Therefore, in order not to be excruciatingly painful from incorrectly made decisions, we suggest how companies can prepare for a sudden transition to a remote location and what technologies can help in this.

Perfect quality virtual communication
In 2020, business more than ever felt how important it is to be connected online: you need virtual communication of perfect quality, otherwise you can lose customers and destroy communications within the company.

In the midst of the pandemic, the load on contact centers has increased significantly, because many are used to solving important issues by voice. And companies needed, on the one hand, to quickly transfer employees to a remote location, on the other, not to lose the quality of service.

A virtual PBX has become an indispensable tool for both office work and work from home. It unites all office telephony and makes remote employees available. With the help of a personal account containing all the functions of a virtual PBX, you can create jobs, set up call distribution rules, watch analytics, and connect new options. And also set up the forwarding of office numbers to mobile employees in such a way that the client always displays only the office number.

An additional feature is FMC (fixed mobile convergence) SIM cards. This is a technological solution at the junction of different types of communication networks: fixed and mobile. With its help, any organization can create a single network of office and mobile phones with a general short numbering plan, and employees can call directly to short internal numbers outside offices in different regions of the country or the world without using a real office PBX. One of the significant advantages of FMC SIM cards from MTT is integration with CRM, which allows you to automate the work of hundreds and thousands of remote employees, increase sales and improve service quality.

By the way, until the end of the year, any business can use MTT SIM cards for free.

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Voice robots for communication automation
A voice robot will help maintain communication with clients and employees at a distance. He can conduct anonymous and personalized surveys about the emotional state of employees, their opinions on some discussed topics (for example, working hours, digital New Year gifts).

One of MTT’s clients uses a voice robot to check if new employees have all access to IT systems. Another partner uses a robot to check the quality of customer service and has assembled a “mystery shopper” on the VoiceBox platform from MTT, which calls managers and estimates the response time to a call.

At MTT, the voice robot reminds of important events: master classes, online lectures, video conferences with top managers of the company.

With the help of a voice robot, you can also promptly notify employees that the company is switching to a remote format, give instructions and explanations in case of an emergency.

For external audiences, he will also be able to explain the company’s operating hours, changed rules or, conversely, inform that the business is ready to provide services as usual or has launched new promotions and products. On the VoiceBox platform, you can assemble any necessary scenario for the communication of a voice robot with a person, and most importantly, this does not require programming skills. The interface is intuitive and consists of ready-made program blocks that can be combined.

Offline format 2.0
Office spaces have also undergone significant changes. Someone abandoned offline representations and completely switched to online. Others have significantly reduced their rental space. MTT, following modern trends, organized a coworking area in its Moscow office for employees who need to minimize the distractions of the home environment, meet with colleagues to discuss projects and plans, and communicate with partners and contractors.

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All employees are in a comfortable and safe environment, being able to use the necessary office equipment, conduct negotiations and important meetings at Zoom without outsiders.

The opening of a coworking space is an important step, illustrating the fact that the company will not return to the previous model of office work and business in general. MTT is moving forward, changing, improving both internal business processes and products for business.

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