Legal Movie Download Sites Offer The Best Way Get Movies

One of the most basic human feelings is trying to profit from whatever you do, which is why there are always big discounts offered in stores to lure in potential customers. It is the same with movie downloads, you will be tempted to get it for free rather than pay and watch it.

The reason for the overwhelming popularity of illegal movie downloads lies in the fact that people always prefer getting things for free rather than paying for it. Despite the possibilities of breaking laws and violating norms, illegal movie downloads outnumber legal ones by as much as 5 to 1.

Shockingly, more than six million households in America have downloaded from an illegal movie download sites within the past 60 days alone. Most of these downloads are videos that have adult related content and often, people have used a Peer to Peer (P2P) site to download these movies from.

These sites are often scrupulous and you cannot be assured of any kind of quality from the video that you may be downloading.

This type allows for those that will be regular users to download and unlimited number of movies for a set monthly price. This will allow them to get the maximum number of downloads at the lowest price possible per selection. The other is where you can pay for each individual movie that you download. You’ll pay a little more per movie, so this method is best suited for the occasional users.

It is heartening to note that offenders are brought to justice every now and then and not everyone gets away scot free with the crime. Thanks to technology, you can now identify the exact person who downloaded the movie by tracking his Internet Service Provider (ISP) and using their help to find out the computer’s location.

However, the agencies that track these offenders will not catch just about anyone due to the complication of the entire process. Often times, the will track a person who is downloading thousands of movies and reselling them in the market, trying to make an example out of them and hopefully preventing people from doing the same thing at their homes.

However, the problem has been attempted to be solved right at the source with many movie studios trying to encrypt the movie discs and restricting their playback to only limited players. Nevertheless, this is merely a road hump for the movie pirates who continue to break codes and redistribute the movie on illegally burned discs.

It is like what happened with the music industry, where people suddenly were exposed to world of sharing and free downloading between individuals.

While the costs associated with legal movie downloads can be distressing to some, the benefits definitely make up for it. You’ll receive a higher quality picture and sound file, as well the comfort in knowing that all the files you download are securely protected from malicious viruses that can cause you and your system much grief in the end. You need to shop around, just like anything else your purchase, to find the site that suits your needs the best.

When you do come across a great deal in the supermarket, you will find immense joy and tell your near and dear ones about it so that they too can benefit from it. It’s the same with illegal movie downloads as well. You should be warned that treading down this path has severe consequences and can cost you dearly at one point. Simply paying a nominal fee and downloading the movie legally is any day worth it; and will leave you feeling less guilty and more satisfied with the entire movie watching experience.

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