Stretch marks are not a rare occurrence. Most individuals are aware of their existence. They are an undeniable problem in the lives of many; they’re universal. Now even though everyone knows what they are….that doesn’t mean anyone likes them. Nobody likes stretch marks.

And more than not liking them…many do NOT want to accept them. They don’t feel as if they deserve this marking that disrupts their body’s natural aesthetic’s. The industry offers countless preventive solutions in the form of lotion and potion and cream and rub…but none of them seem to offer effective results.

Preventing stretch marks from occurring is very, very difficult. But getting rid of stretch marks once they are in place is next to impossible. At least that was the way of the world before recent advances in the industry. The FDA recently approved a Fractional Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks for the first time. The 1st FDA approved treatment is completed using Palomar’s Lux 1540 handpiece.

90% of women have stretch marks; that means only 10% of women DON’T have stretch marks. That’s absurd. So many people suffer from stretch marks that it’s about time that there was some effective methods introduced into the market to provide people with results. The leading causes of stretch marks are: pregnancy, puberty, hormonal changes and weight gain.

Palomar’s Lux 1540 handpiece was used during clinical studies. Study participants experienced 51 to 75% improvement after therapy. Treatments cause minimal disruption to day to day activities and cause little to no discomfort.

Stretch marks are often found in areas typically covered by day to day apparel. Because of the hidden nature of the majority of stretch marks they often get ignored. But even while ignoring them…individuals suffer greatly from their very existence. Removal of stretch marks by the Palomar Lux 1540 is effective (the handpiece is also used to treat Melasma). The recent FDA approval of the handpiece for stretch mark treatment has offered cosmetic centers the tool they need to add effective stretch mark removal to their list of services.

Sarah Gilbert gains her expertise from the Biocosmetic Center serving clients in Gilbert, Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona. The Biocosmetic Center offers safe and effective Uk marriage visa weight loss, liposuction, dermal fillers, Uk marriage visa laser facials, and more.

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