When you see details about things that are going to occur in the future it is called a premonition. It may be uncomfortable to have them and many people describe the feelings as uneasiness, nervousness, anxiousness, or simply being disquiet. These feelings are there even if the premonition is not about something that is negative. With that said, many of the premonitions are certainly in regards to an event that is unpleasant like a disaster that is coming for someone or for someone that they love.

In many cases, people who have premonitions can see or hear things that are going to happen in the future. This is also common before unpleasant events that are emotionally charged, like death, accident, or some other unfortunate occurrence. Premonitions may happen while the person is conscious, or, like many other types of psychic phenomenon, they may come primarily in our sleep. This is because our conscious mind prevents us from understanding the future while we’re awake.

A large portion of premonitions have to do with our senses and many people actually have the experience of the emotional distress for absolutely no reason while they are experiencing it. This feeling is difficult to describe if they have seen that something terrible is about to occur. Distance is not something that comes in to play when a person has a premonition about someone that they care about and the premonitions are about times that could not have been foretold by anyone.

Many of the premonitions are about events that are going to happen to people that are connected emotionally with the person having the premonition. This could be a relative, a friend, or someone else that the person loves.

But why are premonitions often experienced when things are about to turn bad and not when the good things are going to happen? This could possibly be the same reason that it is more difficult to see things when we are awake then when we are asleep. If there is no force there to overrule our minds, the conscious minds that we have will overrule the less logical information that comes in and we are not able to process it.

While we’re sleeping, the conscious mind is less effective, and in times of great emotional stress, it is unable to exercise the same control over the unconscious mind – the part that experiences premonitions. This is why so many people experience this type of future perception only when something negative is going to occur. However, this isn’t the case for everyone.

After all, there are a number of people who have been able to tell the future in a positive way. While we’re more likely to refer to this as prophecy or fortune telling than we are to call it a premonition, the same effect is occurring. A knowledge of the future is being used in the present.

There has not been anyone that is able to tell exactly why phenomenon like this occurs. There are some people that believe these are simply dreams but how can that explain how accurate the “dreams” are in the prophetic dreams and premonitions? These details that are revealed could not have been told in advance and are detailed, very detailed. While there is certainly not a shortage of ideas about why prophetic visions or dreams occur, none have yet to be verified as true. All we know is that there are many people that claim to have experiences such as this.

There are those that believe that a divine force such as God or a universal spirit is responsible for the vision of the future. Others believe that it is all part of time being nonlinear – we are simply remembering things that are going to happen because all at once, these things are happening. Other people believe that time is just circling and that we are recalling things that happened during the last cycle of time. One other theory points to a web of energy that connects everything in the world and that the information is simply passed through the web.

No matter what the real reason is for premonitions, it is possible to bring them to consciousness. This is not something that occurs easily and it is very rare since you have to force your conscious mind to let go of the controls and being able to sort out the false information that your imagination may bring forward. It is possible, in some cases, as people have spent a large amount of time practicing and giving an abundance of effort. There are some people that can intentionally have a prophetic visor or premonition.

This can be done in several different ways and they all are largely different depending on the person. Some use meditation and prayer and others need extreme concentration and isolation.

The visions that occur are not always very important. There are some people that can only see things that are really not that important in their lives and the events that are very important are never seen. With this said, if you work hard and find the technique that is best for you, you too could have intentional premonitions.

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