Learn To Use Google Onsite Factors To Improve Your Dental Marketing

If you try to search the Internet about improving your dental marketing, it will only show a lot of tips, guidelines, and tested practices. Normally, it teaches you to do on page and off page marketing methods. But have you think of creating a website first to begin with?

To improve your dental marketing you can make use of the following Google onsite factors aside from the Google offsite factors:

1. Age of Site

The age of the website is built up of how long the content has been actually on the web, how long the site has been in promotion, and even the last time content was updated. The length of time a domain has been registered is measured by not only the actual date the domain was registered, but also how long it is registered for. Some domains only register for a year at a time, while others are registered for two, five, or even ten years.

2. Historical Performance of Site

SEO learners believed that search engines see what the users are doing especially those who choose to utilize search engine products. Google is always on the learning stage. After gathering enough data, try to understand it.

3. Link Popularity inside the Site’s Internal Link Structure

Competitive keywords pointing to internal links rank first on search engines. Seek to use the keywords as anchor text within the content when applicable or in the site menus. This factor is often disregarded since most of the practices focus on inbound links.

4. TLD Extension of Site

For country specific sites, TDL extensions are more important than edu, gov, com, net and org. This factor is more useful to sites concentrating on their specific countries.

5. HTML Validation of Document

Most people have come across bad Web pages in their searches. Pages that cause browser errors ranging from an abrupt termination to a complete system lockup. These pages contain embedded HTML errors, or e extensive use of non-standard, browser-specific, quasi-HTML syntax. Regular and consistent use of HTML validators helps to identify and eliminate the embedded HTML errors that result to erroneous Web pages.

I strongly recommend that you take time to learn and understand the google onsite factors in order to improve your dental marketing strategies. Good luck.

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