Learn To Select The Best Paints For Your Bedroom

Ever wondered why it is that most of us are so fond of our bedrooms? Except for the obvious association between bedrooms and the restful part of the day, our sleeping chambers have come to signify the place where we can be ourselves, where we retreat to heal our sorrows and where we mull over our most intimate secrets.

It thus follows that we have a great deal of expectations from our bedrooms, which we regard as being veritable sanctuaries where we can take refuge from all things unpleasant, find rest and relaxation. In this context, the type and texture of the paint we chose for our bedroom walls becomes very important, as it has the potential to touch our lives and influence our moods directly.

If you have decided to make a change and repaint our bedroom walls, one of the first decisions you must take involves the type of paint you are going to employ. It may be that you will decide in favor of low-odor or odorless water-based paints, or else you will go for a more modern, latex-based glossy or semi-glossy paint.

In what regards the type of paint to use, the most sensitive among us would do well to go for water-based paints. The latter are also an ideal way to dodge the often-unpleasant emulsion smells that may be especially harmful to people whose airways are particularly sensitive to chemical agents. Semi-gloss or glossy paints are a good option for those of seeking to give your bedroom a polished feel, edgy appearance, while the more conservative among you may go for traditional oil-based paints, which have the added advantage of being the most enduring variety of paint.

As far as the type of finish we’re after – a glossy, satin finish will give your bedroom a more trendy, slightly edgier look and feel than, say, an eggshell finish. For a smooth finish using oil-based paint, employ a paint additive to ensure that the paint will flow more effectively and that no ridges will be left on your bedroom walls.

Finally, as far as color schemes are concerned, the best idea would be to opt for neutral combinations: rich, muted whites, pale yellows or else traditional cream tones. Slightly darker earth shades such as sandy brown or light gray might also appeal to those of you looking to give your bedrooms a more edgy, modern look and feel.

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