Bass is an important instrument in a band. It is as important as any other instrument. Without this, the music of a band is incomplete. It adds to the life of a band. There is also a high demand for bass guitarists these days. If you do not know the fundamentals and basics of playing bass, then here are some tips for you. You need to get your basics clear in order to learn to play the bass. It takes a lot of practice but you can do it. So, let us get started.

There are six lessons to be learnt. First of all, learn basic techniques, and then learn playing notes, then playing scales, then playing patterns, then comes understanding the different rhythms and then practicing. We will now discuss the basic and simple techniques here, the very first lesson.

Before that you need to be familiar with the various parts of the bass if you have not played guitar before. The basic parts of a bass are strings, frets, amplification, body, neck, headstock, nut, tuning pegs and pickups. Bass is a string based instrument. Each string is tuned to a different note value. Like strings divide the guitar from left to right, frets are metal strips dividing it from top to bottom. Amplification is used for properly listening to the sounds coming out of your guitar.

Amplification is required for hearing the sounds properly that your guitar emits. Strings are the basic part of a guitar that divides it from left to right. These are tuned to different notes.

Keep your plucking hand over the strings with your palm placed towards the instrument. Place your thump on the side of the pickup.

Plucking is the action made by your fingers when you pluck each string. Always hold your plucking hand over the strings and at the same time your palm should be towards the guitar. Learn and take care of these techniques while practicing to learn to play the bass.

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