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Did you know that people can all learn telepathy? This is the ability to sense and transmit our feelings to others over a distance without the use of words or our five physical senses. This mind to mind communication happens instantly, and can even happen over enormous distances.

If you think you can’t learn telepathy, it’s time to reassess things. You may already have had a telepathic experience of some kind, but there’s a good chance you didn’t know that was what was happening. You may not have noticed it at all! One common type is thinking about someone you haven’t thought about or talked to for a long time, then getting a phone call or email from them shortly afterward.

What happened was, one or both of you telepathically made contact with the other, transmitting emotions of affection, longing, wonder at their current state of affairs, or something like that.

This telepathic contact encouraged them to get in touch with you. Perhaps you were the first person to think of them, and the other person received your emotions and felt like contacting you. Or maybe they contacted you, felt your return thoughts of them without your being aware of it, and that was the reason they chose to make contact another way. They may have even been planning to get in touch, and you perceived that intent telepathically before the contact ever happened.

Many people believe that they can’t learn telepathy for one reason or another. This might be because they have a religious background that teaches them that this kind of contact is evil or sorcerous. In these cases, they don’t try to learn it, and suppress their existing telepathic experiences. Many people have also been told that telepathy is irrational and superstitious, due to the lack of available scientific evidence.

Now, one barrier to people learning telepathy is that there is another myth surrounding telepathy that many who actually use it believe. This is the idea that spoken language is ‘inferior’ and we only learned it because, for some mysterious reasons, our telepathic abilities decayed over millennia. This is just as untrue as the above-mentioned myths. However, there was a time when words and telepathy went hand in hand -like music and lyrics.

In this analogy, the music is telepathy and the lyrics are spoken language, with each working to enhance the other. Words have the ability to define and clarify telepathic messages, which is why we have them. Unfortunately, dependence on spoken language causes telepathy to be neglected and forgotten.

So, if your interest is peaked and you want to open up new doors of perception and closeness with other people, how can you learn telepathy? It’s actually not nearly as difficult as it sounds to the uninitiated. All it takes is what everything takes: practice.

First, you should partner up with someone, preferably a long-established friend, who shares your open-minded attitude about the possibility of telepathic powers. In fact if it’s possible, partner up with someone who burns with the desire to learn it (as hopefully you also do). When you’re starting out you need all the positive reinforcement you can get.

The next thing you need to do is separate from your partner. You shouldn’t be able to see or hear one another, or give each other cues. Both of you need to be as relaxed as possible, since being tense tends to interfere with your performance in this and in other activities. Remove stress and worry from your mind and make sure you’ve got a method to get in touch with your partner. A phone or Internet connection will work well.

Decide who’ll go first, then visualize the other person as clearly as you can in your mind. Alternate who is doing this, and imagine a connection between you. This connection can take many forms, but a string of light or something similar are very common images.

Now you’ll need to send your thoughts about a particular subject over that thread, as though they were part of a phone call or an Internet transmission. Start with something simple and clear, like a photograph you can see, or something that’s been on your mind. It should be something the other person can’t easily guess without contact.

Now, when you feel that this transmission has gone through, contact the other person and ask them if they saw anything. Then, compare notes to see how effective the process was. Once you’re done with this, your partner should try sending to you.

Remember that when you’re just starting out, you should take things slowly. If after a quarter of an hour you can’t transmit, stop and take a break. Early attempts should be brief to keep you from getting tired and frustrated. Negative feelings are bad for your efforts.

If you want to learn telepathy, the most important thing is to keep your mind positive about it, and don’t give up until you start to get results. You’ll be entering into a new and wondrous universe!

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