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When deciding on which area of Africa to visit on a safari, one may want to consider taking one of the many Kalahari desert safaris available in this Southern part of the African desert. For, this is one of the most beautiful and active areas related to seeing such wildlife in the region. Still, before planning ahead too far, one needs to be sure one has passport in hand and has attended to filling out any other necessary paperwork and has acquired all vaccinations necessary for travel in such an area.

Also, before making a final decision on which area of the African desert one may wish to visit, first one may want to know a little more about the Kalahari desert and the wildlife often seen therein. For, this area, unlike other parts of the desert offers both plateau and desert which can be great viewing areas when seeking to watch such wildlife. In addition, as the area offers both semi-arid and arid sands which extend beyond nine hundred square kilometers or 350,000 square miles which includes some areas of Namibia and most of Botswana, it also remains one of the most active for wildlife viewing. As such, there are both great grazing areas and standing pools of water where wildlife can often be seen taking a drink or grazing, especially just after heavy rains which often occur each Spring.

Still, when it comes to this particular area of Africa, one has a great deal of opportunity to see wildlife as this area in Southern Africa provides a land base of both plateau and desert, both of which often attract such wildlife either for grazing or water. Also, while rainfall amounts are small within the desert and temperatures are high in the Summer, the Kalahari unlike some other desert areas can sustain both animal and plant life over time. An amazing reality considering the area only receives 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches of rain per rainy season.

Due to high Summer temperatures, often over one hundred degrees, individuals planning such a journey may want to plan same for either Fall or Spring as these are the most active when it comes to wildlife viewing as well as the most comfortable when it comes to the weather in the area. For, not only is one going to have a much better time doing so, the safaris are less crowded, the air on such a trip is more pleasant and one has a great deal more opportunity to see wildlife just after these rainy seasons.

Also, as the basin of the Kalahari covers an additional 970,000 square miles, one may want to plan to go on a multi-day safari when and where possible. For, while a day trip can be a great deal of fun, the more opportunities one has to see wildlife in a variety of areas, the better. In addition, the Okavango, the only river within this part of Africa flows into a delta in the Northwest in which many marshes have formed against such wetlands providing another area that is rich with a variety of wildlife.

As to what type of wildlife can be seen in this area, often one can see a great deal of giraffe, elephant and at times, lions and cheetahs. However, lion and cheetah sightings are far rarer than that of the elephants and giraffe who can often be seen grazing or taking a drink from one of the many standing pools of water during and after the rainy season. However, the best place to see a great deal of wildlife is near an Omuraba-Traverse, which is another name for a dried out riverbed, in which many such animals can often be found grazing throughout the year.

Therefore, regardless as to the area in which one chooses to go on such a safari, these Kalahari desert safaris can provide a great deal of opportunity to see the massive desert along with a great deal of wildlife. However, unless one plans ahead, saves a great deal of money, has a passport and has attended to all other required documentation and vaccines, one may only be setting oneself up for disappointment. For, such safaris, while a trip of a lifetime, can also take a lifetime to save for one. To this end, it is always good to plan, price and save, then when one has the resources available finalize such planning by requesting a passport and talking with a health care provider about which vaccinations are required for such a journey into the wild plateau and semi-desert which can only be found in the Kalahari desert in the Southernmost part of Africa.

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