Learn How To Keep Your Vital Records Safe

Many of us have a file for our important papers but I wonder if these pieces of paper are a lot more valuable than you might imagine. Most Americans have United States passports, social security and driver’s license cards, and birth certificates. When you realize the large part of your daily life played by these documents, you may find they require quite a degree of respect.

Let’s start by discussing our passport. A USA passport is issued by the country of your citizenship and is proof of that citizenship as well as your identity. You must present documentation to prove your identity and birth or citizenship country in order to apply for one but once you have a passport, it will serve as a first class way to prove your identity and citizenship as it even provides a picture. Information included is name, place and date of birth and sex. While it is not true that a passport can get you into every foreign country, it does guarantee re-entry into the country that issued it. While it is a necessary part of international travel, it also provides an unquestioned source of identity verification.

Your social security card is another very important form of identification. As an American citizen, you are issued a number that is totally unique to you. This nine-digit number is used in lawful taxation as well as a valuable tool to properly identify medical, educational and educational records.

A driver’s license is a document, often in the form of a plastic card, used to show that you are qualified and legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Different types of driver’s licenses exist that permit you to operate different types of vehicles, from motor cycles to huge buses. Most Americans own a valid driver’s license, establishing it as a credible form of identification. This identification can be used when buying tickets of any type, buying cigarettes, lottery tickets, or alcohol, or applying for a job. This license also indicates whether or not you are an organ donor, meaning you would donate your organs should you face an untimely death.

A birth certificate is a document issued by a hospital verifying the birth of a child. Birth certificates, depending whether it’s a “long” or “short” form, usually feature such information as parents’ names, child’s name, date and place of birth, sex, and other information. These certificates are often used to prove relationships, identity, and citizenship. For example, a birth certificate is needed in order to prove the parent-child relationship when applying for a passport. A birth certificate is also needed for marriage licenses, driver’s licenses, and social security cards.

As you can see, important papers come in all shapes and sizes but they are all very vital to your everyday living. Keeping them in a safe place is so important that you might even decide to invest in a safety deposit box so they can’t be stolen or damaged. If your identity is stolen or if your documents are counterfeited, there would be great cost and stress undoing the damage so keep these documents in a safe and secure location.

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