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Remote viewing is the term given to the psychic ability of seeing places, people or objects that you couldn’t ordinarily see with the usual five senses. Although you might not be able to visit a place in the flesh, you can train your psychic ability and learn the remote viewing techniques to see some of the goings on at that location.

It would be a mistake to confuse remote viewing with astral projection; the two differ dramatically in that your astral body remains within the physical realm as you remote view. When you use this ability, it is the power of your mind alone which allows you to perceive beyond what you could with your normal senses.

Each and every one of us already has this ability lying dormant in our minds. There have been studies which reveal that people who do not consider themselves to be psychic can use this ability in a remote viewing test once they have been trained how to put themselves into the proper mental state. These people have been able to accurately perceive distant events and objects which they would be unable to sense otherwise.

You can test your own remote viewing abilities by attempting to look in on people, places and things which you are familiar with or that you are able to call for a confirmation of your results.

A very quick remote viewing test you can try on your own is perhaps the most basic of all. You will need to relax your entire body to enter a trance-like state similar to that of hypnosis. This will help you to access the power of your sub-conscious mind.

Once you have thoroughly relaxed your body and calmed your mind to the point where it is still yet you remain alert, try to view yourself as you would appear if you were looking at yourself in a mirror placed a couple of feet in front of you. This is one remote viewing test where you will know immediately if you have succeeded.

You may look a little different than you might expect – you are used to seeing the reversed image of yourself in the mirror, not the way that other people see you. However, you will see at once that your remote viewing abilities are getting stronger when you are able to see yourself this way.

Another remote viewing test you can do on your own is to once again descend into the relaxed trance-state. Now see if you can view a place you know very well. This might be your parent’s home or your work desk. See if you can notice anything that’s out of place from where it might usually be. You might notice small things like unwashed dishes on the sideboard or a newspaper left on the table.

Call the person whose home you were viewing and ask if those things really are there. This remote viewing test is an easy one to verify, so you’ll know if you’re achieving true remote views or not.

Most remote viewing test subjects report that it’s much faster to reach the correct trance-like state once you’ve practiced a couple of times. Some people find they may fall asleep the first few times they try this, as they are so relaxed, but once your mind adjusts to the necessary state of awareness, it becomes easier with each session.

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