Learn About Back Stretching Benefits

Throughout the 90’s and now into the 21st Century; society has become increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy heart and a strong back. Even those of us who aren’t required to do manual labor in our careers, or day-to-day lives need to have a strong body — to compliment a healthy lifestyle.

Proper stretching benefits both our mind and body. Almost all stretching exercises will help loosen up our spine and allow it to communicate with our brain more efficiently. Since our back is the focal point of our body’s central nervous system, it goes without saying that improper alignment will lead to enormous discomfort.

Left untreated, back problems rarely get better on their own. It’s important to note that proper and frequent stretching will almost always prevent issues in the first place: However, many repetitive tasks that involve bending over, crouching, sitting in a chair…all for extended periods all lead to back problems. Factory jobs and office work all put a strain on our backs, while few people give much thought to stretching until we’re cramped up and full of aches.

To visualize all of the back stretching benefits, one needs to closely think of all the costs associated with back problems: chiropractic costs, pain killers, days missed from work due to pain, and all other healthcare costs including corrective surgery for back and neck issues. Putting together the financial, emotional and physical costs of neglecting a simple stretching routine…Is it really worth skipping a few simple stretches every hour or two?

It literally takes a few minutes out of your day to stretch those kinks out of your back, neck, shoulders, etc. Most aches and pains throughout the body are a direct result of back and neck problems: So next time you feel an ache coming on — stretch it out.

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