It was in United Kingdom that the PDA originated with Psion in the year 1984. With this launch, a new genre came to be defined in handheld computer. Companies such as Palm Computing as well as Apple introduced their own versions. Palm Pilot soon established as the most recognized PDA in the later half of 1990s. Games, web browsing, word processors and graphics were soon included into the PDA.

The Personal Information Manager applications usually included in the PDAs at the beginning were diary, address and phone book, a notebook, handwriting recognition software, some games and common reference material. Diary/scheduler, Notepad, To-do list, Finance software, Drawing application, Organizer, Calculator, World time, Alarms, Voice recorder, File manager, Printer connection and Data synchronization were added to it later. With the inclusion of wireless connections, the Email as well as the web browser was incorporated into it. The programs that followed were Word processor, Custom dictionary, Spell checker and Spreadsheet. Inclusion of Global Positioning System (GPS) made possible customized maps and directions, and charting the movement as well as planning of trips whether by land, sea or air. The mode of transport did not matter. The journey could be detailed with the starting point and the destination with Palmtop Software’s Route Planner application. All it required was pointing and just clicking on a map indicating the places that are intended to be visited, or even avoided, to get an exact route map. With a few clicks with your fingers you had a route map ready with the travel plan. Its functions expanded with the addition of the popular Microsoft applications as Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

PDAs available in the market included Palm TX, HP iPAQ hw6515, Dell Axim X51v, HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger, HP iPAQ 2215, HP iPAQ h6315, HTC Advantage X7501, Palm Tungsten E2, Palm Treo 755p, RIM BlackBerry Curve (8300), Apple iPhone and many more.

The PDA application soon spread to other areas of life including shopping, mobile banking, and specialized Internet services as stock quotes, foreign exchange rates, weather, sports scores and maps. The PDA became an e-book reader, a photo wallet, a mobile web browser and an alarm clock besides many others. Convergence of technologies and programs has made PDAs smaller, compact and versatile encompassing almost all aspects of living.

Technology has made life more convenient and easier. Undoubtedly, all these tools have inspired people to succeed more with their chosen endeavors.

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