Laundry Detergent – Not Always Needed

There are several things we have been brought up to believe to be must haves which may not really be so actually. Take the case of laundry detergents, as an example. How did all our ancient ancestors wash their cloths and linens, humble and coarse as they must have been, without the benefit of Tide or Downy?

Naturally it is fully important to wash our garments, make no mistake about that! But do we actually need to use laundry detergent?

As it turns out, no. After all , laundry detergent is a reasonably recent invention. And though soap has been around even longer, for the majority of human history folks did laundry when they actually did do laundry using rocks. As in, agitation.

Agitation is perfectly fine for lightly stained clothing, such as those sweaty socks and tee shirts. It may seem phenomenal to our modern sensibilities, but independent tests conducted by consumers and investigative writers alike have revealed that for most of our clothing, simple agitation the kind now produced by the forces in a washing machine more than suffices. Naturally, tougher tasks like car grease will require detergent to even have a prayer of an opportunity to be clean.

Detergents are handy in such cases, but you might still do without store-bought stuff by making your own. Yes, it is correct, and it’s fairly simple to do. Any number of recipes exist online; just do a straightforward keyword search for them. What they have in common is that you will save up to ten times off pre-made store-bought detergents.

eventually, there’s always the choice of using less detergent! Particularly when it comes to the new-fangled concentrated detergent being marketed these days. Again, unless we are talking about major stains, detergent isn’t even strictly mandatory so go forward and cut back!

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