Laundry And Precautions To Be Taken

Taking proper care of clothes is one of the most important tasks one needs to learn in order to stay self-dependant in today’s times. Even if you are having the capacity to hire a laundry to do the washing for your clothes, keeping them improper shape is something only you can do, since they are your clothes. Following is a list of steps you need to take in order to ensure the proper care of clothes.

Ensure that you take proper sized laundry baskets while taking your clothes to the laundry. Many of us ignore this step and just wrap the clothes with a sheet of cloth and take it for washing. However, such a practice is wrong, and damages clothes in the long run since it runs a chance of buttons getting broken, cuffs and collars being damaged, etc. In a similar manner, the laundry bag or basket that you choose to take should be having the appropriate size as per the requirement of clothes you have to be washed at a particular time.

While taking clothes back from the laundry, be sure to check for missing buttons or even clothes themselves, since only if you know it there and then can you inform the concerned person to help you in looking for the same.

Further, be sure that you know regarding the sensitive clothes, if any, that need special care while washing, so that you can inform of the same to the laundry personnel to avoid complications at a later stage. Agreed, they are professionals, but a little precaution from your side will be very beneficial especially if you have a few special clothes that you don’t want to risk damage for in any case.

In case of dry cleaning-related clothes in particular, be sure to have a clean laundry basket that is free of any kind of stains, since there is no method of washing that is full proof, and if there is any stain that catches on to your cloth and can’t be removed, it would be you who would be the sufferer. Take it for granted that there is no such thing as a guaranteed washing method that can remove all stains.

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