Watching fitness ads and infomercials just make me laugh.Some even have pro athletes swearing that he was in better shape by just wearing their product than when he played his sport. Others claim you can lose weight, like hundreds of pounds, in months without exercising, still others say if you take their product you can look like a model instantly. What a bunch of hooey! The sad part is that many people spend their hard earned money to buy these products which usually lead to more injuries or harmful to he organs of your body. So the person’s cost, financially and emotionally, is very high.

Skinny people and big boned people are not necessarily healthy. Nothing has changed in the ways of keeping your body healthy.

They are:

1) Eat healthy foods- Learn what healthy foods really are. Just because the box says it is low calorie, organic, or low fat, does not mean it is good for you. Eating more vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are the best for your body. I am sure some of you are just groaning over that one, but it is true. Eating too much red meat can lead to heart disease, cancer, or high blood pressure, not to mention the dangers of the steroids and antibiotics injected in that meat. My rule of thumb is this; buy foods grown within 100 miles of where you live. These foods are designed to help you cope with your environment. For example- in Florida most of our foods grown here have lots of liquids in them. Since it is humid, we need the fluids to keep us hydrated.

2) Exercise regularly- Taking brisk walks daily for at least 30 minutes will do your heart good and blood pressure. When you are finished walking, you should be sweating.

Weight training 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes is great for your bones and muscles. This can be done with rubber bands, machines, or anything of weight, i.e. books, jugs of water. Weight training increases the density of your bones protecting you from osteoporosis. It keeps your muscles strong to protect your joints and allow you to enjoy your life well into your 90’s. Most seniors I have worked with are in pain just because they do not have the strength to hold up their own arm or even lift themselves out of chair with their legs. You were not meant to be this way.

3) Mentally prepare yourself- Your state of mind is very important to your state of health. Many people believe they should feel worse the older they get. Some feel helpless as they are being told that serious diseases are in their genes and there is nothing much they can do. Still others are never told what to do and this is the saddest of them all. Age has nothing to do with how you feel. The reason older people hurt more, they do less physical activities the older they get. They do not prepare themselves properly and easily get injured when attempting an activity. Genes are a warning sign that you should pay attention to what you eat and do. If you do and eat what your parents did and ate, you will get what they got. It is that simple. Change your beliefs about foods and exercise and you can avoid what happened to your parents, plus you can help your children avoid the risks as well.

Ignorance about your health is unnecessary. I don’t mean to be too harsh here, but we have an internet that is chocked full of health ideas. Albeit some good and some bad, but at least you can start a dialogue with friends and figure which is which. Keeping an open mind is a must when it comes t your health.

4) Drink lots of water- the old adage id drink 8, 8oz glasses of water a day. Did you know that was started by the water industry years ago. Some athletes have died by over-hydrating their system. Typically I suggest you look at your activities, the weather, and foods you eat. If you are sweating a lot from your activities, then more water is needed. When the weather is more humid, more water is needed. If you eat foods high in sodium, more water is needed. On a typical day though, instead of coffee or soda, choose water instead. It is okay to have a cup of coffee or tea, just all day. Sodas, I can never condone, but that is just me. We used to use colas to clean oil off our windshields when it was raining. I find it hard to drink that stuff, but that’s your choice.

So there they are, the 4 steps to a happier you. Now mind you these are the basic steps and it is only a beginning, but this will get you off and running. Please don’t try to be PERFECT ALL THE TIME! You will just fail, but if you do, no big loss. Just back on the horse and go again. No one is perfect.

I hate to laugh, but watching everyone run around trying to be healthy without any effort is just funny. Image if everyone one day just started pushing their cars so they could save gas, wouldn’t that seem silly to you. So just look at it and laugh, then go out and do it the right way. I have many friend who laugh at me for my optimism in you. Please help me prove them wrong!

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