Laser Liposuction Risks – Problems You May Face When Getting Laser Liposuction

Due to the hundreds of advertisements regarding laser liposuction and any other methods of body sculpting and fat reduction, it is no wonder why people tend to think that these procedures are entirely safe and does not involve any sort of risks. They also feel that such procedures are painless and instantaneous. Blame it on the claims that the procedure is merely about going under anesthesia, losing the fats, tightening the skin and go on with your old lifestyle as if nothing occurred. Sounds too good to be true right?

Laser liposuction is, without a doubt, a groundbreaking advancement in the plastic surgery field. In fact, it is much recommended among other surgical procedures. But nothing would change the fact that laser liposuction is a surgical method, which includes risks and stakes.

Majority of laser liposuction risks are the ones associated with any traditional liposuction procedure. The introduction of laser heat also brings about complication. If the laser is placed for too long and too close in the skin or if a certain area is being attended to too aggressively, possibilities of thermal injury and burns may occur.

Skin loss is one of the numerous laser liposuction risks. It may occur when a surgeon applies too much laser heat in a particular area and the overlying skin becomes damage, or worse, lost. To avoid this, a surgeon must have precision and expertise. Skin burn is a potential risk but it is very rare, especially if you have a practiced surgeon.

One other risk, which is a very common one, is the infection. Invasive equipments can be a cause of infection. Because the laser tip will be inserted under the skin, antibiotics and precautions in the operating room are necessary. Risks from anesthesia may also happen while having laser liposuction. A lot of deaths occurred during or after liposculpture and liposuction procedures due to overdose of lidocaine, which is the substance or anesthetic used by surgeons to eliminate pain during the surgery.

Contour deformities are also among the possible laser liposuction risks. Deformities such as depressions, bumps, wavy lines and lumps in the skin appear 20% of the time in the standard lipo procedure. But with laser liposuction, the 20% decreases. Another problem is the loose skin, particularly for those patients with poor skin elasticity. Loose skin is very common for a standard lipo operation. However, in laser lipo, loose skin is not that common, since the procedure is known for tightening the skin. If you have an inexperienced doctor, then this risk can definitely occur.

Last among the risks of laser liposuction is the damage caused by an untrained non-professional plastic surgeon. A professional and expert surgeon is the sonly qualified individual that can work on the laser liposuction. If you want to have a satisfying outcome, get a professional surgeon for the job.

Majority of these laser liposuction risks are normal and natural. But if you choose a plastic surgeon who has not only the proper equipment but also the skills and level of experience, then these risks can be lessened or entirely removed. When you decide to get laser liposuction, you should research on your potential surgeon and check just how good he is before you decide to acquire his services.

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