Lamaze Toys Are Worth The Money

Lamaze is a commonly known name, but many parents associate this name with pregnancy care and childbirth. Lamaze is also a toy company that not only manufactures quality toys, but also offers support to new parents. The company is internationally known and continues to grow and gain recognition. The main goal of the company is to design and create toys that will promote interactive play between children and parents.

Toys from Lamaze focus on the developmental processes of small children. Lamaze has a partner company, called Learning Curve that assists with the development and production of the toys offered. Each toy is designed to last for many years. The toys from Lamaze work best when a parent is involved in play. Again, this stresses the importance of interaction.

The child’s age has a lot to do with the design of the toys. Since children of different ages will have different needs, these toys are created within age brackets. Newborn babies do not yet have the ability to process bright colors, so the toys for this age group are made in black and white. As children get older and move to other age brackets, the toys become more colorful.

One of the most popular toys for infants is Paddy the Panda. This black and white panda bear has a helicopter in his right hand and a rattle ring in the other. There are several different materials used during construction of the toy, allowing babies to experience the feel of different textures.

Another popular toy for newborns is the First Mirror. This mirror is in a padded wedge and cannot be broken, making it safe for small children. The mirror was designed for babies that lay on their stomach. It encourages them to lift and hold their heads up to see who is in the mirror.

All toys from Lamaze are constructed with the finest materials available. Each toy can be washed, which pleases many parents. Parents of small children are always looking for safe toys that will help their child develop important skills. Lamaze has been successful in producing such toys. In addition, these toys are very affordable and last for years, so parents are sure to get their money’s worth!

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