Lactose Intolerance Symptoms And Health Risk

Lactose intolerance symptoms occur in a person due to Lactose Intolerance. To understand the Lactose Intolerance let us first know what Lactose is. Lactose basically is a carbohydrate, in simpler words it’s a sugar. To be more specific it is a milk sugar usually present in milk foods like curd, cheese, buttermilk, ice cream etc and other dairy foods. Lactose Intolerance as the name itself says is a state of an individual where he or she cannot route the lactose in a normal way.

Lactose consumption in the form of daily foods by a lactose intolerant person may lead to lactose intolerance symptoms. The reason for developing the symptoms is simply because of the non process of the lactose. The most common symptoms which anyone can face are stomach contraction with severe pain, flatulence and diarrhea. The amount of unpleasantness the effected individual goes through depends on the quantity of dairy foods taken and on the process capacity of the body.

The mechanism inside the body which leads to Lactose Intolerance Symptoms is quite simple. Lactose is milk sugar found in milk foods, Lactase is an enzyme present inside the body at the linings of the small intestine helps in digesting the Lactose and processing it. When lactose is not broken down by lactase it simply ferments inside the body increasing the level of hydrogen, methane and water. These excess quantities cause the Lactose Intolerance Symptoms as the excess quantities of the chemicals produced cause flatulence, stomach contraction with pain, and lastly diarrhea

The main causes which lead to the lactose intolerance symptoms can be classified into 3 categories

1. Congenital causes
2. Secondary causes
3. Developmental causes

Congenital disorder or anomaly happens because of the alteration of the gene which makes lactase enzyme inside the body. The individuals of congenital disorder actually have this problem from birth.

Secondary causes show up because of the deficiency of the lactase enzyme inside the walls of small intestine. This lack of lactase may be because of many reasons; one of the common reasons is damage of the wall by any illness.

The last and the most important cause show up due to the downfall of the lactase count inside the body. This developmental cause is also called as hypolactasia which means less lactase. Due to this cause the lactase count decreases inside the body due to the changes in the functioning of the genetic material of the individual. The occurrence of this cause varies from person to person, community to community and also ethnicity to ethnicity.

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