Korean artist creates Bluetooth speaker with ferromagnetic liquid to visualize melody

It can split and join to the beat of the music.

A ferromagnetic liquid is a material that reacts to the influence of a magnetic field, so that it can be moved in any direction. This feature was decided to use the Korean artist Dakd Jung to create a column, writes Gizmodo
He printed the speaker body on a 3D printer and installed three speakers, a sound amplifier, a Bluetooth module, and a magnet whose power varies depending on the tempo of the music. On the front there are two controls — the volume and the power of the magnet.
In the center of the device is a glass container with liquid illuminated by LEDs — in the off state, nothing happens to the material, but if the speaker is turned on, the ferrofluid will change shape, divide into parts and connect to the beat of the melody.
Ferrofluid is used in many areas of science — for example, NASA conducted experiments on its use as a basis for stabilizing a spacecraft in space, and in some high-frequency speakers it is used to remove heat from the sound coil.

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