There are several good reasons why people will want to opt for car rental including going for a vacation or because their personal automobile is in the garage for repairs or also just because they wish to have an extra vehicle for just a few days. To make full use of car rental generally requires having a credit card which is accepted by most rental agencies that however will not take your debit card. So be sure to have a credit card available with which you can pay to reserve a car and to also guarantee that the rental agency does not lose money in case you total the car or otherwise damage it.

Begin The Hunt For Agencies

With a valid credit card in hand you can then start hunting for the best car rental agencies. A majority of rental agencies have their own websites and so this is one way to research what’s available and at what price and under what terms and conditions. Some of the better search engines include the likes of Orbitz, and Expedia. It also pays to visit various car rental agency websites to see whether the agency is offering any special internet-only deals.

Most car rental agencies rent out their vehicles for a day weekend or even for a week. The rates will vary according to the option you choose and typically, weekend rates are the cheapest though they can also turn out to be the most expensive. It depends on the location of the car rental agency. You should also ascertain the mileage fee associated with each agency and of course an unlimited mileage option might be preferable though most agencies charge when you exceed their mileage allowance.

The size of car is another important consideration and you will of course want to hire a car that is of an appropriate size to meet your traveling needs. Mostly, car rental agencies offer compact sized and midsize cars though you can also get specialty vehicles such as SUVs and vans. A majority of car rental agencies will also offer free roadside assistance which is included in the contract and which ensures that should the rented car prove to be non-drivable that the rental agency will replace it for free.

Hertz car rental services are famous throughout the world. In the US alone it has about nineteen hundred separate locations from where you can hire their cars and there another fifty-one hundred locations spread out in the rest of the world.

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