Know How You Can Have A Beautiful Eye With Sweet Nails

Have you ever looked jealously at pictures of gorgeous celebrities like Lucy Liu, Paris Hilton and Nicole Kidman and questioned your self why Mother Nature chose to bless these luminaries with amazing, lastingly long lashes whereas you struggle with mascara and false eyelashes, with only average effects? Here’s a secret that will shock you: all of these Hollywood celebrities are beautiful in their own right, but they have taken control of their eyelashes, making them even longer and a lot more stylishly gorgeous with lash extensions. In two hours or less and for simply very little more than you’d imagine to pay for a massage or a facial, Sweet Nails in Vancouver can give you the sexy, dramatic, thick lashes you have always wanted.

Mascara can be a thing of the past once you have treated your self to a set of the semi-permanent lash extensions. The skilled aesthetician can painlessly apply the extensions, using a completely harmless adhesive to bond a long artificial extension to each of your eyelashes. You can choose from a wide variety of types, from normal colors to shades of blue, green, violet, purple, red or blue that can stunningly complement your eye color and give you the boldness you need to own the dance floor or the board-room or simply amaze your self and your buddies.

You would possibly be wondering whether Sweet Nail eyelash extensions need a lot of after-care once they have been applied. If I’ve got to tell in a single word then, NO. As long as you follow some basic tips, they should be lovely and lasting for at-least six weeks. You may want to avoid hot steamy places like saunas and hot tubs. In addition, refrain from pulling on your extensions, as doing so might cause your natural ones to come out. Finally, avoid running water directly on your lashes.

Another thought you’ll be having is: how will I know which style of extensions can look good on me? This can be where Sweet Nails’ premium, expert service comes into play. Our aesthetician, trained in Japan which is the birthplace of quality eyelash extensions, can carefully check your natural lashes to evaluate their strength and length. Once doing so, she can be able to provide you an expert’s recommendation regarding what length and style of lashes will work best for you.

The applying process itself is completely painless. After all, many clients fall asleep through the 90 minute procedure. An under-eye gel pad will be used to cover your lower lashes when the aesthetician smoothly applies every lash to your upper set. When you open your eyes, your lashes will feel completely natural and look gorgeous, not artificial in the least. Your lash extensions should last six to eight weeks, however it is recommended that you come in for refills to replace any lost lashes about every 2 weeks.

It is said that the eyes are mirrors to the soul. Let yours shine with beauty and elegance. Sweet Nail in Vancouver is here to pamper you and provide you the beautiful, elegant eyelashes you have always sought after.

Visit Sweet Nail to experience the Uk marriage visa Vancouver lash extension service and royal treatment. There are various lengths and thicknesses to pick from and every person gets a customized look. You’ll walk away from Uk marriage visa Sweet Nail Salon looking unbelievable.

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