Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Sometimes Go Together

A home’s value can be increased with well-thought out kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that improve not only the appearance, but also the function of the two busiest rooms in the house. In many cases, the bathroom and kitchen may be connected and certain remodeling jobs in one room are going to affect the other room in some way.

When the two rooms do join, floors are typically the same material and design. Since both rooms have the same slip hazards as well as the potential for laying water, having the same floor type can help eliminate the hazards in both rooms. Different designs may be desired to visually separate the rooms during kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but having the same material may be a good thing.

Wall colors of the two rooms should complement each other as opposed to being a stark contrast, but if the rooms are totally divided, opposing colors can be used if desired. Using the same contractor for kitchen and bathroom remodeling can possibly save money since one person will be buying the materials for both jobs and can possibly get a reduced overall price on fixtures.

Mechanical Upgrades Done At Same Time

By using the same contractor for plumbing and electrical work on kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs, can definitely reduce the cost as they can run wiring and plumbing work for both rooms at the same time. If done with two different people, you will be charged double for the same work.

Coordinating countertops and wall coverings can also help coordinate your home design when kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are done at the same time. Additionally, both rooms will be torn up about the same amount of time instead of having each room in disarray at different times. Although the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, coordinating it to your kitchen can add to the value of your home.

When planning your kitchen and bathroom remodeling always consider the possibility that at some time in the future, you may want to sell the house and the project needs to add value and not detract from it. Odd color tile or countertops may be within your tastes, which are fine as long as you own the house, but think about what potential buyers may think of your choices in the future. If, during your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects you stick to the basics, you will not go wrong.

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