Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling : Learn What All The Designers Are Doing

So its time to do your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, but where do you start. Well, first off make plans on paper for a while until you see a theme or style emerging from your brain storming sessions. Remember bathrooms and kitchens need electrical and plumbing work, which in todays terms are relatively expensive. So try to save costs where you can, without cutting corners of course.

Many people make the mistake of rushing into redoing these rooms, without matching their wall tiling to the floor tiling and their cabinets to the surface tops. For instance if you choose a dark floor tile, then go for a slightly lighter tone for the cabinets and an even lighter tone for the surface tops. This works for the bathroom as well.

But if you have small space to work with, then go for a light oak for the cabinet doors and a slightly darker color surface top. Consider using marble for both bathroom and kitchen tops, because it is durable and will not chip or crack, unless of course you drop a few tons on it.

You are now ready to be as creative as possible by decorating the rooms with their own touch of style and elegance. An added bonus will be to spend that extra money on fabulous lighting for your new kitchen. Place some soft pastels under your cabinets or in the doors and see how your kitchen transforms at night.

Try to keep the style of your kitchen and bathroom similar. For instance, if you have a country look, then have the same in the bathroom as well – that way you will create uniformity in the house.

Floors can make or break a room. So plan carefully here. Match the color of your cabinets, surface tops and wall tiles if possible to your floor tile, using just a slightly darker or lighter shade for each. Have your kitchen fitted so that the stove and fridge don’t protrude and is neatly tucked away behind cabinet doors.

The same goes for your bathroom. If you have your washing machine and dryer standing in an awkward spot, put cabinets around them so that you get that recessed look. Add stylish mirrors and if possible redo your old shower as well. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be done at the same time, with a fraction of the cost, if you use materials which match in either room.

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