Kiosks – Computerized Employees That Improve Levels Of Customer Service

Even if you do not know much about self-service and information kiosks, you have probably have used them more than you think. If, for example, you have taken money out of an ATM or purchased movie tickets from a machine in the theater lobby, then you already have experience of using a kiosk. In fact, you can find self-service and information kiosks across a whole range of businesses and industries. Kiosks are an important part of the growing trend towards self-service. They are much more than simply computers in a box.

The reason for the increased usage of kiosks comes down to two main factors – ease of use and convenience. Even people who are not very good with computers can use a self-service or information kiosk because it is simply a case of following the on-screen instructions. Most of them have touchscreens too – what could be easier? As for convenience, they fill in the gaps that employees cannot cover because they are overstretched with other duties. They mean that customers can receive service however busy employees are and whatever the time of day or night it is.

Let us now look in a bit more detail at some of the ways that self-service or information kiosks could be used within your business…

ATM : Outside of town centers it can often be difficult to find an ATM when you want one. By having one inside your store then customers will be more likely to buy extra items and you will also attract extra customers who will originally visit just to use the ATM but will then probably end up buying something too. By having one inside your office then productivity can be improved as employees will not have to waste their lunch break (which may well turn into an extended one) looking for one, when they would be better off relaxing.

Directions : Kiosks are perfect for helping people find what they are looking for. Having an interactive map of your premises means that visitors can find out the directions that they need themselves, without having to bother employees. People actually find it easy to remember directions that they seen rather than heard, so it really is a win-win solution.

Hospitality : When arriving at someplace that they have not been to before, people often have many questions. As well as wanting to know where things are, they also want to know what times things happen, who they need to speak to, etc. Having a kiosk at, for example, a hotel, trade show or office, means that visitors can find out everything that they need to know and then get on with what they came to do in the first place. They appreciate not having to find (and probably wait for) someone to speak to and employees appreciate not having to answer the same questions repeatedly.

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