Keyword Research With Micro Niche Finder

If you have a serious desire to make money from affiliate marketing, then you must acquire money making keywords. Keywords are the phrases that men and women use to look for items on the net. If it is your desire to have targeted traffic for your internet site, you need to target keywords that men and women use frequently and do not have a good deal of competitors. To make this less complicated, you’ll be able to use a key word analysis tool like Micro Niche Finder.

As soon as you open Micro Niche Finder, analyze any search term you want by typing it into the search box. You will receive 200 keywords, including the search term you typed in. It is possible to then start to analyze which keywords are your buying keywords. You need to maintain keywords on your list that have more than 2900 searches per month. Hide or delete keywords that do not match this criteria.

Following that, you ought to analyze the OCI for every key phrase that remains. The OCI tells you how likely it is that somebody will buy the item or service that’s related to that key phrase. This quantity is returned as a percentage. A great strategy would be to concentrate on keywords exactly where the OCI is over 85%. Hide or delete the keywords that don’t meet this criteria.

Next, you will need to learn the exact phrase count for the remaining keywords. The exact phrase count shows the amount of sites that use the keywords on their sites. Some affiliate marketers will only concentrate on keywords with exact phrase counts of 25,000 or much less. Nonetheless, before you remove any keywords at this point, you must check the strength of competition as well as the measure of backlinks.

The strength of competition determines how quick or challenging it will likely be to rank high for the keyword. You should always aim to get your website in the top ten search results for your target keyword due to the fact that the majority of targeted traffic comes from here. Micro Niche Finder will show a green, yellow, or red circle besides every single number that represents the strength of competition for every keyword. When the circle is green or yellow, you may target those keywords. When the circle is red, it will be harder to rank for that keyword.

After finding the SOC, you can now analyze the measure of backlinks. The measure of backlinks is a very good indicator of the number of backlinks it takes to have a very high ranking in the search engines. If you see hundreds of backlinks for a specific keyword, then you need to move on to a keyword that has less than 100 backlinks. This will make it less complicated in your case.

If you’re having a hard time thinking of keywords to search, Micro Niche Finder also has a brainstorm feature which will suggest great keywords. Also, you are able to search for what’s well-liked on Google trends from within Micro Niche Finder and it’ll return the above statistics for you.

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