Keeping Your Vehicle Well Maintained.

To ensure your car is working well and avoid problems or accidents, it is worth your time maintaining your vehicle regularly. This article will give you some examples of what to look for when checking the car. These controls can easily be done by yourself as a driver, or if you need help, I recommend that you check in for a regular service at a local auto centre .

All cars have a coolant system and this need to be checked regularly and the water level needs to be topped up to avoid overheating. You will find this system under the bonnet in a plastic tank, this tank will have a level measure, so check the levels and if liquid is below the level you should top up as soon as possible. If you cannot find this tank then you should check the cars manual for assistance.

Besides the cooling system level, you must also check the oil level of the car once again resorting to the manual to find the location of the tank if necessary.

Front, side windows and mirrors should be checked regularly, dirty windows can cause an accident because they affect your ability to see the other cars around you. Adjust the side and front mirrors to the correct position for you this is always important so you can get vehicles around you in view.

Tires should also be closely monitored to ensure they have correct air pressure and general condition is safe. If your tyres treads are worn or damaged then this is illegal and very dangerous for you and other road users, the vehicle needs a good tread to grip the road properly, to avoid any accidents from loosing grip.

Check all lights and turn signals work equally well, this is for legal and security reasons. The test takes a few minutes and should be done as often as you can.

Each time you drive your car, you should listen to the engine, you get used to how it sounds after a while and is useful to know. If you hear unusual noises, it might be useful to get it checked out as it could be a potential problem, and if not, at least you will know why there is a change in engine sound.

Finally, maintenance is very important to keep the car road worthy and safe, these examples that can keep you car in good shape and can also save money. Many people are worried about the car just before the MOT and neglect it for the rest of the year. These people tend to encounter more problems with their vehicle, than those who carry out regular checks.

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