Keeping The Spirit Of Christmas Alive With Hand-Crafted Santa Dolls

When we were younger, we have heard a lot of stories about an old man with a white beard climbing down our chimneys. We have always believed that this man, named Santa Clause, would give us gifts every Christmas. With all our young imaginations and the stories we believed in, we have made this big fat man as one of the symbols of Christmas. There’s no wonder why hand-crafted Santa dolls have become part of our lives most especially during Christmas.

No one can hide from the fact that children love the idea of Christmas. Well, nobody can blame them as Christmas is the time when they receive gifts. This is also the moment where parents can show how they care about their kids. Both parties spend quality time with each other during holiday seasons.

Handmade goods are always built to last. Mass produced dolls may be cheaper, but they are not keeping. The skill and hours needed to create hand-crafted Santa dolls make it a very valuable commodity. Like everything made by hand, small details make each doll unique. It might be the wood or even the curve along the nose or ear.

Owning a hand-crafted doll is like owning an invaluable piece of art. You simply cannot put a price on hand made art. Making a handmade doll takes a lot of skill and hours of manual labor. This is what gives hand-crafted Santa dolls an edge over its plastic counterparts. Thousands of families worldwide turned it into a heirloom. You can even find wooden Santa dolls that are more than a hundred years old. Even with the advancement of technology, plastic is still considered as a disposable object.

Unlike mass produced dolls, hand crafted ones are signed by the artist who made it. Only a few people know this because the signature is very well embedded on the doll. Most artists put their signature on the bottom or at the back, but some go the extra mile by engraving a subliminal text on the doll. The artists do this because they know for a fact that handmade dolls are meant to last for generations, not just the holidays.

Just imagine passing on something that your kids grew up with. It will definitely bring back some very delightful memories of family bonding. You can rekindle those special moments with a simple doll.

Hand-crafted Santa dolls are a luxury that any family can afford. Pass it on to your children and their grandchildren. It will definitely become part of the family. Leave some kind of legacy to your children. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to make something special. A memorable experience is what makes a family heirloom special.

Hand-crafted Santa Dolls

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