Just How Real Are Psychics And Clairvoyants?

If you are a person who can perceive what another person is thinking, or may have strong negative gut feelings or intuition working before going somewhere which later turns out to be right or may be you have accurate visions about your sister being sick even when she is thousands of miles away, then you are a psychic. In simpler terms, psychics are those who have a sixth sense and can perceive things which are otherwise hidden from the normal human senses.

My grand mom used to tell stories about this milkman who always had visions of his own mother being sick even from a thousand miles away. My grand mom remembered many such incidents of the stated person leaving for home suddenly giving notice that his mother was ill which almost all the time turned accurate. This milkman was a clairvoyant having specific psychic powers.

Hence, Clairvoyants are people who have the psychic power of seeing things which are hidden from the normal senses. Thus, a person having a vision of the someone’s past or future, or of someone who is a long distance away, etc, are all types of common clairvoyant experiences. The term clairvoyant means ‘clear’ ‘viewing’.

Thus it can be concluded that clairvoyants are one type of psychics. Using clairvoyants to mean psychics as whole or using these two words synonymously is inaccurate since clairvoyants are a special subset of psychics, which includes various others kinds of powers as well.

Telepathy is also one of the most common psychic powers witnessed in the world and something which clairvoyance is confused with. According to parapsychology, which is the science that studies the presence and causes of psychic powers, clairvoyants are involved in direct and immediate information transfer with another external source whereas telepathy involves reading another person’s thoughts and hence involves information transfer from another individual’s mind.

Moreover, in comparison to the abilities of retro cognition or precognition which deals with the psychic’s ability in predicting past events and future events respectively, it should be noted that for both of these, it is more of ‘knowing’ what had happened in the past or future and not necessarily ‘seeing’. Of course if the psychic sees the events then he is a clairvoyant, but clairvoyance can never replace the previous two terms.

Another type of psychic, who frequently sees himself being called a clairvoyant, is one who is a medium. Mediumship, often confused with clairvoyance basically involves communicating with spirits. This communication can be done primarily via four channels. These are trance, healing, clairsensing and physical. While trance refers to communicating with other entities, healing involves receiving health benefits from a source in the higher plane. Physical channel on the other hand involves person acting as a medium in activities like turntables, etc. Only the clairsensing channel of mediumship uses the power of clairvoyance or clairaudience to see or hear respectively.

As a conclusion it can be stated that what all psychics and clairvoyants have in common is that of a special power, a gift of the sixth sense which other people do not possess. Many a times, psychics think of these abilities as a curse which prevents them from living normal lives. But one should always remember that these powers are gifted to only a chosen few amongst millions, hence it should be considered a blessing and used for the benefit of others.

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