Just Don’t Say Anything And Swallow Your Soylent Green

The same as individuals claimed in years past: You’re not likely to have problems with your food, folks. Sit down, shut up, eat and chow down. Stop pondering about what you’re ingesting and just do what you are advised by the media and its processed food promoters. Questioning the health qualities of your unhealthy foods is a mental disorder, didn’t you know? And if you “think too much ” over foods (by performing such things as reading through the ingredients labeling, for instance), then you are strange. Possibly even sick.

That’s the concept they’re broadcasting today. Refined food predators are “normal” and “sane” and “fed.” But health food predators are diseased, unusual and malnourished .But why, you ask, might they attack health food eaters? People can tell you precisely why: Because increased psychological and spiritual knowledge is merely achievable while on a diet, natural foods. Feeding on junk food makes you dumbed down and effortless to regulate, you notice. It virtually disrupts with your head, numbing your sensory faculties with MSG, aspartame and yeast extract.

Folks who subsist on fast foods are docile and swiftly lose the capability to think on their own They go along with what ever they are told by the Television or those in obvious positions of authority, never questioning their decisions or what exactly is really going on in the world around them. Not like that, individuals who take health-enhancing all natural foods — with all the therapeutic vitamins and minerals still whole — start off to awaken their brains and spirits. Eventually, they start to question the truth around them and they chase more educated research of subject areas like neighborhood, mother nature, life values, philosophy and the large picture of things that are taking place in the earth. They become “conscious” and can start to notice the very fabric of the Matrix, so to speak.

This, needless to say, is a huge danger to those who operate our consumption based culture mainly because intake relies on ignorance bundled with suggestibility. For folks to keep blindly buying foods, remedies, medical health insurance and consumer items, they need to have their larger brain capabilities switched off. Processed junk foods laced with toxic chemicals just happens to attain that quite nicely. Why do you think lifeless, junk foods remain the default dishes in public education, hospitals and prisons? It can be simply because processed foods switch off increased amounts of awareness and keep folks concentrated on whatever disruptions you can feed their brains: Tv, physical violence, concern, sports activities, sex and so on.

Nevertheless that doesn’t make it standard: The true “ordinary” is an empowered, balanced, awakened individual revitalized with living foods and running as a sovereign resident in a free world. Eating living foods is just like having the red pill simply because with time it uncovers an entirely new perspective on the fabric of truth. It sets you free to think by yourself.

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