There is a lot of talk in the fitness world about core-conditioning. Our core is what gives us the ability to walk, run, jump and just about everything else a person is able to do physically. Anyone seeking to jump on the bandwagon should seek out a pilates class for one of the most invigorating and quite possibly — the most exhausting workout you’ve had in a while.

There is no real accurate data as to just how many people have undergone a pilates class here in North America, but it’s estimated that there are close to 14 million regular participants.

Mind and Body

Pilates focuses on making your torso strong, so your “core” is able to handle everything you throw at it in day-to-day life. However, the mind and body connection is stressed also, as the stronger the pathways from your brain to your muscles is: The better you feel overall.

When Joseph Pilates held his first pilates class for World War 1 veterans in the early 1900’s, he claimed his creation was just as much a philosophical journey, as a physical workout. Today many people who start and stick to a pilates routine quickly realize the benefits of the workout: Better posture, easier breathing (due to better posture), a strong back and improved metabolism.


Pilates has a variety of equipment to help strengthen and tone your body. Resistance bands, custom weighted balls, Wunda chair, ladder barrel, rotating discs, foam rollers and more can all usually be found at a pilates class.

There are a lot of exercise programs out there that claim amazing results, with very little effort required from you. Pilates is a routine that will give you amazing results, just make sure to do a class at least twice a week, with another day or two of supplemental cardio such as walking, running, riding a bike, etc.

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