Jonathan Budd ~ The Real Deal Or Hype?

Is Jonathan Budd all hype or is he the real deal? If you are marketing online will will see his face and name all over the internet. The question that remains is, can he actually show you how to market your MLM online or is he just another phony looking to get your money?

About 3 years ago, I ventured online looking for some help to build my network marketing business faster. Everywhere I turned I found someone claiming that they had the perfect solution to my MLM frustrations. As a novice online, you may know where I’m coming from. It became very overwhelming very quickly trying to sort through all the BULL!

I remember the first time I ran across Jonathan Budd and his well known casual video intros that go “Hello, my friends, Jonathan Budd here” coupled with a big old sh_t eating grin like he knows something that we don’t. The minute I saw his first video I remember thinking to myself “who does this kid think he is?”

Well, it wasn’t until recently after I decided to take internet marketing seriously that I realized the truth about that kid with the big sh_t eating grin! What I learned is that a kid who has been as hugely successful as Jonathan has every reason to wear a grin as big as his. What I also learned is don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

What really did it for me initially with Jonathan was the information he gives away for free. I opted into one of his capture pages expecting to be constantly sold or given content that was all hype and what I got was exactly the opposite. The value I have receive from Jonathans free trainings alone have helped me in my online ventures.

So, is Jonathan Budd a Scam? Absolutely NOT!! He is one of the best marketers online and can definitely help you build your business on the internet. He is a proven leader and is well respected in the industry. On top of all that, Jonathan recently won Mike Dillard’s Audi R8 a $140,00 car for being the top affiliate marketing his new WWN program. I think that is proof enough!

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