Japanese MTG has introduced rings for paying for purchases that are similar to ordinary ones

The first batch of 3,000 copies went on sale.

the Swedish company for the production of equipment for beauty and health MTG began to sell “smart” rings Evering, writes Bloomberg.
The ring with a built-in chip is made of synthetic zirconium crystal. It is waterproof and does not require recharging. The payment function of the ring is valid for four years.
Through a special app on your smartphone, you can connect several cards to the ring. To make a purchase, you need to bring the ring to the terminal.
In the future, manufacturers want to add public transport fare payment functions and a door opening function.
MTG has signed a contract with Visa to manufacture and sell the first batch of 3,000 rings in Japan.
MTG entered the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2018 with a capitalization of. By the end of the year, MTG wants to separate the production of rings into a subsidiary. According to Bloomberg, the company’s profit for the year. MTG shares are up 34% over the year.
In 2019, the Russian company Cardsmobile introduced jewelry rings with payment technology. They had to be connected to the card via a special terminal.

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