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Plumbing problems happen at the worst possible time. Most involve lots and lots of water in places where water was never supposed to be, such as all over your laundry room floor or covering your newly landscaped back yard. In any case, there are many Jacksonville plumbing experts waiting to help you.

If you ever manage to find a good plumber, keep him. If you can find a plumber who returns calls, shows up when he promises, and fixes the job at hand without causing any further damage to your home (did he dent your fridge with his tool box?), you’ve found gold. Keep him!

You can usually find emergency numbers in ads and on websites for plumbers. This is usually their cell phone or beeper number. Many companies advertise they are available 24/7.

These are probably their cell phones, and yes, you will probably be waking them up if you call, but don’t worry – you’ll be charged! So if you find out you need a plumber fast in the middle of the night, rest assured you’ll find one.

One thing to keep in mind, though, in the Jacksonville area is that even though Jacksonville is indeed in Florida, if you’re new to the area you might be surprised to find out that the area does experience some serious cold snaps which include frost and even some light snow. This might not mean anything to you until your pipes burst. And when that happens, you need a plumber who knows how to deal with burst pipes. Even though this is taught in school, most Florida plumbers never have to actually deal with frozen pipes, and you don’t want him to be practicing in your home! If your pipes have frozen, make sure you are going to be hiring someone who has had experience with this particular problem.

One thing to avoid is lying to him when he shows up! Don’t make him guess what really caused the problem. He’s going to find out, and he’s going to charge you for the time it took him to figure it out. Don’t be embarrassed. He’s heard it all, and he’s seen it all. If you are the one who broke something or loosened a fitting or took off the joint, don’t blame it on the kids or your brother in law.

When he’s done, you might want to think about asking what else might need some attention in your house. This is a good time to plan for future repairs. If he sees a problem with your water heater it might be wise to fix the problem now rather than waiting until your basement is under a foot of water.

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