It Worked For Thousands Of Years

The “healthy lifestyle” promoted today bears little resemblance to the hardy natural lives lived by most of humanity for almost all of its history. As an example, it was not until the morning of agriculture about ten thousand years ago that grains and legumes became a major food source. For millions of years before that, it was mostly beef and animal fat, with fruits and nuts being the sole other nutritional options when they were even available in any way.

And though our ancestors were definitely much more physically active, it is far from certain that they engaged in lengthened high-intensity exercise of the kind we see in health clubs today. It is rather more likely that while their lives were very physical, it was not intensely so , composed of plenty of walking, squatting, crawling, ducking, and the like, as required, with rather few occasions of no holds barred explosive effort. For the main part, early humans and humanoids would have preferred to conserve their energy as much as practical the chief health concern back then was not getting too thin, and not today’s worries over getting too fat!

Given all this, what is interesting is when we deliberate over how hunger and starvation work in a rather more natural environment. In such a situation, similar to that faced by our more distant ancestors, carbohydrate intake is low while there is a fair quantity of greasy meat. Yet that alone can satisfy, to a reasonable enough degree, the human hunger for a day or 2. For fat stores will be tapped, reducing the possibility of weight issues a virtually unknown condition in the Hobbesian jungle.

Indeed, there’s a whole movement springing up that’s’s dedicated to replicating the diet, if not the lifestyle in its totality, of primitive man, with an emphasis on beef and animal fats. This may be an acute reply, but an agreement is building that the simplistic picture of nourishment and good health build up over the previous three decades is grossly unfinished and even downright wrong.

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