Improvements To Secured Loans, Mortgages And Remortgages

The finance sectors of secured loans, mortgages and remortgages have been going through considerable ups and downs since the beginning of 2007.

The state of fluctuation has, in the main, been down wards as we have heard contradictory reports in the newspapers and television on an almost daily basis. One minute over the past few years we are informed that remortgages, secured loans and mortgages are all witnessing an improvement, only to be advised shortly after that these three products have all declined yet gain.

Conflicting news has been very much the order of the day in these last three years, and the general public have no idea what to think.

All these differing reports have of themselves done nothing except to add to a decline in remortgages, mortgages and secured loans. They have only served to under mine the confidence of the man in the street and add to his belief that there is no money available from lenders to obtain a mortgage to buy a first home or to move property.

Now the news seems to be remaining more constant, a couple of months after the official announcement that the credit crisis is over

The situation as regarding not only mortgages and remortgages, but also secured loans is looking much more stable. Remortgages and secured loans are great for adebt consolidation

For a short time the press have constantly reported that there have been 50% more applications for mortgages than at the same period the previous year.

This is music to the ears of those wanting a mortgage to buy a property.

The worse to suffer over the past three years were secured loans, which fell by more than 80% and now they are witnessing some resurrection in their fate.

The good news is that Link Loans are now once again advancing secured loans at good rates of interest after a temporary cessation of trading due to funding issues which are now rectified.

They now have the firm backing of RBS and even self employed applicants trading a minimum of six months are welcome to apply.

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