It Is Possible To Make Money With Paid Surveys

There is money to be made by taking paid surveys. It will not make you rich but can earn a part-time income or a little something extra once a month. How much money you are able to make will vary. How many surveys you are able to do, what they pay and what you qualify for will be the deciding factor.

A company must take into account what its customers want and need. One of the ways to do that is to simply ask. They use surveys to decide what to do as far as their advertising, marketing product launches, and much more. These surveys are the same as the ones you may have been approached in the mall to complete. At the end of the demonstration or presentation you would be paid in some way. It could be cash, a gift certificate or a small gift.

It is not always products and services that require surveys. Many studies are done through survey as well. These may be from universities who have professors and graduate students conducting studies. Researchers conduct behavioral studies online. These can be very important to the researcher as well as the public. Of course it could be something a lot less serious like a magazine survey but if you are choosing to complete one, do so with your full attention. There may be test questions to see if you are really reading the questions.

When looking for sites to join that will pay you for taking surveys, just type in paid surveys into your search engine. Steer clear of sites that offer lists of survey sites but want you to pay for it. Once you find a site you will need to join it and answer a series of questions. They will seem personal but it is a way for the site to match you to possible surveys. Depending on the site you will need to be 13 to 18 years old minimum. When they have a survey you may be interested in taking they will email you an invitation to complete it.

In the email you will be information detailing the time it should take you to complete it and how much you’ll be paid. It will also state whether it is paid in cash, with an entry into a sweepstakes or with points. The sites pay up to $50 for a completed survey. Those that promise $250 are not realistic.

Realistically most will be in the $1 range. You only get paid if you complete the survey. If you don’t complete it or do not qualify for it, you will not be paid. This is why it is important to answer honestly in the questionnaire. Your time is not wasted with a bunch of surveys you do not qualify for. This does not mean that all the ones you do receive will be guaranteed payment.

With all the sites there is a minimum amount you must earn before you can request your funds. It may be as little as $5 or as much as $50. Read the terms and conditions and FAQ’s to determine how much must be accumulated. It may be by check, Paypal or an entry into a monthly sweepstakes.

Using paid surveys to earn an income is easy. It is necessary to do a lot of surveys to do so. Take the time to sign up with as many as possible. Be sure to stay aware of the amounts you are owed. When you join, the member area will show what you have earned.

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