It Is Easy To Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business

Starting a business is generally not a very easy thing to do but there is one business that is probably the cheapest and easiest to start up would be the window cleaning business. You only need the desire to have your own business and a few supplies such as your favorite cleaning solution, a few brushes, squeegees, a ladder and a bucket or two.

One of the first things that you should do when starting your business you should go around to the homes and businesses in your local area and introduce yourself a long with offering them your cleaning service. It might be a good idea to already have business cards handy so you can hand them out while you are introducing yourself. This is the least expensive way in which to advertise your new company.

When you first start you should probably work a lone. There is no need to get yourself into debt when you only have a few clients built up. Besides you really need to get your technique down yourself before you start instructing others. The best way to get your window cleaning technique down is to do a lot of practicing on your own windows.

The most common and trusted way of washing windows in a professional way is by combining your favorite cleaner in a bucket of water and then cleaning the windows with a brush followed up with a squeegee. This is a tried and proven procedure and it is probably a good idea to stick with this unless you feel you have a far better technique.

Another reason why this is an ideal business is because you will generally be able to work out of your home even when the business becomes larger. Another advantage is that you can more than likely do your own bookkeeping in your home as well. You can probably save more money by printing your own business cards and billing statements as well. You should probably have a cell phone with you at all times if there will be no one at home to answer business calls. This is far better than having to spend extra money on an answering service.

All depending upon where you might live will depend upon how much you might be able to charge your customers. With that said, you can probably charge anywhere from 25 to 30 dollars per hour. Once your business starts to grow and gets to the point to where you think you need some help, you can hire someone for about a third of what you charge your customers.

It is important that you understand the things you can do to help make your business a success. Make sure that you are on the job on time and that you remain consistent with all of your clients. Be focused on what you are doing and make sure you are thorough. Always see that you do the job as best as you can and make sure to try and get the job done when promised. Always remember that missed calls might mean lost business so always get back to a client as soon as you can. Make sure that you keep up with the client and their current needs. It is always nice to let customers know you appreciate them, so adding them to your Christmas or holiday list is always a good idea.

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