Is Your Xbox 360 Broken? If So This May Help!

How is your Xbox 360 broken? There are a number of faults that can occur with the Xbox an overheating fault being the most common. This problem is cheap and easy to fix though so don’t be worried. This fault is usually displayed in the form of a ring of red lights around the power button.

The RoD (Ring of Death) as it is commonly known can signify a large number of faults with the machine so you should check to make sure the fault is due to overhearing first. This can be done using the diagnostic feature implemented on the Xbox itself.

Just a quick note before we proceed performing any repair yourself will result in invalidating you warranty, if your Xbox is still within it’s guarantee you should contact Microsoft to receive a repair.

The first step is to remove the case there are various videos on the web which will show you how to do this, it is a case of pressing on several small clips located around the case.

The next step is to remove all the screws from the case this will require a T9 torque drive, star shaped screwdriver. Once these screws have been removed one half of the metal case can be removed to reveal the motherboard. To remove the motherboard from the rest of the case we will need to disconnect the cables to the DVD drive which will then lift out and also disconnect the power cable to the fans located to the left of the fans.

Next flip over the motherboard to reveal two x-clamps, once these have been removed the heat sinks will lift away from the board. Under these heat sinks there are three processors use alcohol rub to clean them up, once clean apply some thermal compound to each ensuring that the whole of the processor is coated and that the coating is even.

The next thing to do is reattach the heatsinks you should use screws instead of reattaching the x-clamps. As with everything else, be careful when you are doing this.

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