Is Your Gambling Out Of Control?

There is nothing wrong with buying a Lottery ticket while you are shopping. Maybe you go to a local casino every now and then. Suppose you find yourself engaging in this behavior frequently. At what point does it become a problem? Exploring some common myths about gambling addiction can be a good start. Here are a few.

Fantasy: You did not spend all of your money last night at the casino. You still pay all of your bills on time. That means that you cannot have a problem.

Reality: You can still have a problem. Is it interfering with your life? If there are any issues, it could be serious. You may be in the early stages of addiction.

Myth: Betting is a good way to escape your problems. There is nothing wrong with losing yourself in a casino. It helps you to blow off steam.

Reality: The habit of drowning your sorrows with anything can be dangerous. It can be a habit-forming strategy to deal with troubles. If you run away from problems, you solve nothing. Moreover, you create additional problems.

Dream world: You do not have a addiction unless you gamble every day. A few times a week is perfectly fine.

Real world: You can still be addicted and only gamble on the weekends. Ask yourself why do you gamble? If you have concerns about it, it does not matter how often you do it.

Dream world: It is not you, it is them. When others make you angry or upset, you gamble. It is their fault, not yours.

Real world: If you have to justify your behavior, there is something amiss. No one can force you into addictive behavior.

Fantasy: You do it because you like it. Any time you wish to stop, you can. You just do not want to at this time.

Truth: If you rationalize your behavior, something is wrong. You are, most likely, in denial. That means you could have a major problem and be unaware.

Fantasy: You know you have a problem. However, it is still fine to gamble every now and then. You have it completely under control.

Real world: Most alcoholics cannot occasionally drink. Most drug addicts cannot do drugs some of the time. If you think you can, you may be kidding yourself.

Fantasy: Those at home are opposed to your wagering. As long as they do not find out, it will not hurt anything.

Real world: If you are sneaking around to indulge your desires, there is something wrong. You should not have to lie to others to feel good about yourself. You are probably in denial.

Myth: It is fine to borrow money to gamble. Just be sure that you pay it back.

Truth: If you have to borrow to support your habit, you are probably addicted. You gambled away all of your resources and started on others. That cannot be a good thing.


You can lie to yourself in many ways. Most of them sound very reasonable. However, they are all lies. You most likely have a gambling problem if you have any concern about it. Take advantage of the many online help sources. Talk to friends and family. Get help locally.

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