Is Your Baby Ready For Solid Food

How will I know when my baby’s ready to come off the bottle and move on to solids? Be in no doubt that your baby will tell you when they are ready. Whilst your baby can’t actually speak they will give you clues to look out for, when the time is right.

A very early sign is a steady head. When your baby can hold its head upright perfectly steadily, then it is becoming ready, and if you add to this a change in tongue activity. You should be aware that the tonge is no longer pushing food out, but rather encouraging it backwards to be swallowed then that is a strong indication.

Don’t think your baby isn’t ready for solids until they can sit in a high chair, that isn’t true. All you are looking for is an ability to sit upright. When they can do that, they can swallow properly. It doesn’t matter if they still need support when they are sitting.

It is the muscles of the mouth and tongue that are vital to the swallowing process, and fortunately they develop in harmony with the digestive system, so we know that when a baby begins to appear to be chewing that their muscles are ready, and their digestive system is ready for solids. You see this means the child can now move food to the back of the mouth and swallow. Another indicator is an increase in drooling and dribbling, which then decreases as they are able to swallow better. having said that the dribbling can also increase due to teething.

Babies are ready normally for solids when they are twice their birth weight, possibly around 15 lbs, and are normally at least four months of age. They also seem permanently hungry despite lots and lots of bottles and breast feeds every day.

Last but not least, when your baby begins to look closely at you eating, indeed may even try to take hold of your fork, then you have a child who is ready for solids. You could even almost see them look enviously at your piled plate, and their eyes will follow the food from plate to mouth!!

If you are still asking the question about whether or not they are ready for solids, and you have noticed most of what you have read here in your baby, then now is the time to step out and move them to the next stage.

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