Is The Xbox 360 S 250GB Console A Good Buy ?

There is no question that the Xbox 360 S 250GB Console is one fashionable purchase these days..

The Xbox 360 S 250GB Console provides some good features including wonderful blockbuster games, controller-free fun and HD movies. It also has built-in Wi-Fi so that you can create a simple and easy connection to Xbox LIVE. With lots of storage for games, music and movies because of the 250GB HD, you will in no way have trouble getting your favorite entertainment at hand.

The console is also super quiet which was a problem with some of the older models. It also has a new sleek design that has a matching headset and controller. The console also functions as a DVD player and of course you have the huge hard drive capacity.

The customer reviews on this new console are amazing as people have recognized the work that Microsoft went to in order to fix the customer complaints that were numerous,o say the least, with the old Xbox system. Customers are commenting online that they were shocked at how quiet the unit runs now. In fact, some customers say that even after running the unit for an hour, you still cannot hear the fan.

Customers are also remarking about how cool the sleek and slender new design is, nevertheless some folks are concerned about the fingerprints.However, as one customer has pointed out, how often will you touch the unit once it is in place? The unit is more compact, so it takes up much less space and it has a excellent black, glossy finish to it.

Lots of customers are singing the praises of this new Xbox 360 S 250GB Console because of how quiet it is, how sleek it looks and the fast Wi-Fi connection that comes with it. The price is definitely right for this product after all of the improvements that have been made.

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