Is The Numis Network Just Like All MLM Companies Pyramids That Won’t Be Around For Long?

Yes, The Numis Network is a pyramid. You read that correctly. I think it is important that you know the truth. It is time someone tells you.

Here is the truth: Every government agency and every corporation, no matter how big or small, is a pyramid. Think about it. If you look at the organizational chart of any company what does it look like? It looks like a big triangle. Which is, you guessed it, a pyramid!

Relax. The good news is that this one-of-a-kind network marketing company is not one of those types pyramids that is headed by Bernie Madoff in which many people lose money and some people go to jail! Now that is what we call a pyramid scheme! Illegal, unethical and immoral does not equal pyramid. It equals pyramid scheme.

Here is the good news: this company is not a pyramid scheme. This multi-level marketing company was created by leaders who have consulted and helped with the start-up of over 400 multi-level marketing companies in the last decade. Our leaders know what works and what doesn’t work. Our leaders know what is legal and what is illegal. Our leaders know what is ethical and what in unethical. The expertise used in starting up over 400 multi-level marketing companies in 10 years have set this Numismatic Silver and Gold company up for pure success.

Just to re-cap, it is good that this company is a pyramid and it is good that it is not a pyramid scheme! But maybe you have heard that all MLM companies are shut down at some point?

First of all, it is completely false that many MLM companies get shut down. In fact, only a very small percentage of MLM companies are ever shut down. In actuality there are many more multi-level marketing companies that just fail because of poor management, bad products or lousy comp plans than the number that are shut down by the government.

Here in the United States we have been experiencing a terrible economic situation. Twenty of our largest corporations have been shut down. Our friends and loved ones have lost jobs. We have had to come to realize that that is no stability in corporate America. More corporations have been shut down than multi-level marketing companies have been shut down!

Plus, don’t forget that our numismatic silver and gold coin company has been created by leaders that have assisted over 400 multi-level marketing companies open their doors for business in the last 10 years. We have the experts in the industry on our team! Representatives of this company do not have to worry about being shut down for anything illegal or immoral!

Here is the truth: The Numis Network is not a scheme that will be shut down by the government. We are led by a group of experts that have set us up for massive amounts of success the proven industry of network marketing. If you are looking for a company with strong leadership, a great product and a world-class comp plan then check out The Numis Network quickly!

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