Is Paintball More Awesome Than Video Games?

Paintball rocks my socks off. I don’t say that often, but in the case of paintball I wholeheartedly love to play it. It is such a thrilling sport to play, but is it more thrilling than a movie or video game? In this article I’ll briefly compare paintball vs. movies and video games.

If you haven’t played paintball, I think you are missing out. It is a great rush. It is such an exciting sport to play. If you enjoy playing video games, especially shooters, this sport offers a chance to play war without the bad violence.

Instead of watching, or controlling a video game character you get to experience it in real life. No sitting down, no thumb controls, we are talking real life. You hear the paintballs whizzing by your head and teammates yelling for support, and the sounds you hear don’t come from speakers.

It’s awesome to watch a movie with a realistic sound system and high definition TV, or play a video game with realistic graphics and feel like you are actually in the video game, but nothing will ever replace the realism of real life experiences. I would much rather experience the action found in a paintball game in real life, then to watch a movie or play a “realistic” video game.

Take away the violence, killing, and real guns in movies and video games and replace it with a paintball gun with paintballs and you get a real experience that is better than a movie.

If you want to simulate war, paintball has scenario games where hundreds to thousands of paintball players get together and pretend like they are in war, except in this simulated war, no one dies.

No movie or video game will ever surpass the excitement and thrill I experience when I’m in a paintball game. It’s suspenseful and adrenaline pumping, and I would much rather play paintball than watch a movie or play a video game.

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