Is My Computer Slow Because Of Memory Capacity?

Your home computers Random Access Memory (simply short term memory) is the place that your personal computer stores certain data that it utilizes often so it may be accessed quickly and easily. The amount of the random access memory will effect the performance and speed. Random Access Memory is not like the computer’s hard drive memory. Hard Drive Memory retains most of your photo’s, music, programs, and other data.

Check out these ideas on why your computer may need more RAM:

(1) The two chief operating systems today are Windows XP and Windows Vista. XP has to have much more RAM than does Vista maybe as much as two times the memory capacity. Look at your computer operating system. If it utilizes up close to 75% of your RAM capacity your PC will be real sluggish.

(2) Gaming has to have a good deal more RAM than does simply surfing the internet, word processing, and so on. Besides, gaming also needs pretty rapid processor speed. So, if your computer is slow when playing games, look at your game specs next to your computer’s processor speed.

(3) A lot of sluggish computers just do not possess sufficient RAM. And yet RAM is not expensive. When buying or even ordering a new personal computer, get extra RAM added. It is money well spent.

There’s an easy TEST that can resolve if your PC has sufficient RAM. Click right on your desktop’s lower tool bar and you should find a pop-up box. Next click on “Task Manager” and it should open showing the Programs, Processes, etc that are probably running. Look at the lower part of the screen box by “Processes”, “CPU Usage”, and “Physical Memory”.

Now contrast CPU Usage and Physical Memory. Central processing unit Usage is the amount of your computer’s CPU (or engine) capability is being used by proportion (i.e. 0% is idol and 100% is max’ed out). The Physical Storage Memory is your Computer’s ram. This shows what is going on inside your computer’s processor. Simply: The closer your computer’s memory is to 100 percent the more of a strain your computer will have to work under. And the more sluggish your computer’s processor will probably be.

Now try this.., let your computer totally catch up and then go to idol. Your computer’s central processing unit usage should drop to 0% or at least to 10 percent. (If it will not drop this low maybe you have a program running – it maybe your computer’s virus defense program that is running, if not you may have a virus – and that is another matter.) Once the CPU has slowed near to an idol, look at your Physical Memory percentage. If your Physical Memory or RAM still shows to be in the 75 percent or plus area you do not have sufficient RAM to operate your computer at optimum speeds.

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