Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? Could It Be True?

Life has its ups and downs but sometimes the downs are deeper than the Grand Canyon. If you are going through one of the downs, and you are worried if your boyfriend is a cheater, here are some tips that might help you determine the answer to is my boyfriend cheating.

Think back to how you met your boyfriend. If you found him at the tail-end of a relationship or “stole” him away from someone else you need to be constantly vigilant to him cheating on you. Once a cheater, always a cheater is very sage advice that I beg you heed.

If your boyfriend is not true to you and cannot grow out of his habits, there are more chances that he will slip away. He may try to behave normal with you and do his own things when you are not around. The common excuse of not meeting you will be that an important meeting has come up or he has lot of work to do. Even if he says he is going camping or fishing with his friends, become alert if he never does such things.

The change can be a positive one, though. For example, some men will feel so guilty about their lady on the side that they will begin showering you with gifts and attention. This is an effort for them to explain away their actions to themselves, by showing that when they are with you it’s so good that it doesn’t matter what they do away from you.

Phone calls and text messages that he doesn’t want to talk about can be a signal for a question and answer session. The calls and text messages can be arrangements between him and his mistress setting up their next assignation. The important thing is to talk and set limits and make sure that he values his time with you.

If he is spending all of his time on the internet, or reading emails that he hides from you, are bad signs. The internet has seen an explosion of dating/hook-up sites that he could be prowling. If you walk by the computer and he begins frantically closing windows you have a good indication that Mr. Wonderful is actually Mr. Sleazeball.

Is you boyfriend skipping Friday and weekend parties and meetings with you. May be you are not going to movies or restaurants like before. He may even not be taking you out anymore with his friends. When you talk to him, you see the difference in his tone and behavior.

In an attempt to deflect your suspicions, he may accuse you of cheating. Cheaters tend to be the first to think that their partners are testing the waters. If you have given him no reason to doubt your intentions, but are being accused it could be a sign that you need to look for some of the other that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Any one of the items listed above can help you to answer the question “is my boyfriend cheating on me,” but I always recommend looking for a pattern of behavior if you want to be sure. The other side of the coin is, does it matter? Do you want to waste all your energy trying to catch him with his hand in the cookie jar? If you aren’t feeling loved and believe that he is mistreating you than you should find someone to treat you right. But the choice is yours, only you can decide what you will tolerate.

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