One of the very important decisions that will need to be made by any new entry in the web hosting platform area will be which of the technologies they want the server to be on. The two most commonly used choices are the Linux web server and the Windows web server.

* FTP commands and control panel – Both Linux and Windows servers support these well, however some of the FTP commands are slightly different between 2 operating systems because some of the FTP programs are designed with one or another in mind. That’s the reason why occasionally you will get error messages running some of the FTP commands on your server.

-Support- Linux does not have the same standard of support that Windows does and also suffers from occasionally higher costs and more limited technology implementations. Linux is designed with a certain set of tech in mind each time where as Windows is designed to have generic appeal.

– Reliability and security, Linux is better in regards to security, because Linux is not so widely used as Windows, and Windows is the main OS used on home PC’s, there are more viruses and malware that targets Windows. Therefore, it is much more likely that any Windows based machines will succumb to a successful hacking attack as compared to a Linux machine, partially because many more people try and attack Windows machines because of the higher rate of use.

– Ability, the performance of Linux is usually far greater than that of Windows, this is mainly to do with the way Linux is coded and packaged. Linux plans are more specifically designed for their target customers. Windows usually operates in a different manner and prefers to offer a one size fits all approach with a more generalized set of tools.

-Conversion- this is an area that should be heavily considered when thinking about what operating system may offer the most for you because you will pretty easily be able to convert your system from Linux to Windows if you decide to go with the former initially but change your mind. However, if you have started out with Windows you will have a series of immense difficulties in store for you if you try and change to Linux.

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