Is Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment The New Cure For Nail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is affects millions of people. Because it is contagious, it spreads easily. Studies show that it may be hereditary. The toenails are often affected when the feet perspire in shoes, which is a perfect environment for the fungi to grow. Your nails are left yellowed and unsightly. Do an online search if you want to find out – What is laser toenail fungus treatment?

Creams that you apply to the affected nails are the most common choice. You can buy these over the counter. Your general practitioner can also offer you oral medication to help your body fight the fungal infection.

Many people experience nasty side effects from the medication. Medications should be used with caution as they can damage the liver. Home remedies are plentiful. From bizarre potions, painting the toe nails, to diet changes and supplements ‘ there are hundreds.

Patholase Pinepointe Foot Laser as well as Noveon Laser treatments can remove toenail fungus. This is a permanent method to cure the problem. Many podiatrists are saying that this is the most revolutionary new treatment in the last 40 years.

Patholase Pinepointe Foot Laser promises an effective and an immediate end to toenail fungus. Like most laser treatments, it is quick and painless. The laser treatment also promises to prevent the recurrence of further fungal infections.

Noveon treatment, used for hair removal and dental procedures, could soon be used to remove toenail fungus. This method uses special wavelengths of light to kill the fungus. This method is still being tested and hopefully podiatrists will soon be using this method as well.

An estimated 700 million people worldwide suffer with toenail fungus, so there is great excitement about the laser methods. The procedure is quick, simple and painless. And there are absolutely no after-effects of the treatment.

Medical schemes do not yet cover payment of laser treatments for toenail fungal infections. Being expensive, it is only available to a small percentage of people. You may need more than one treatment to make sure the fungus has been completely eradicated.

However, if you consider the amount of money you might spend on alternative treatments, laser treatment can probably save you money. Most other treatments are long term, and many are ineffective. Read up all you can find about laser treatment before deciding if this is the best route to go.

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