Everybody knows that spending time in front of the computer can damage your vision, but I seem to defy that rule, and spend 10 hours a day in front of it, without any side effects. Also, I’m not like those who have started wearing glasses after one or two years working behind a monitor, as I’m quickly approaching 10 years of use, and my vision remains excellent.

I was quite proud of my vision and liked testing it on all kinds of things. I used to try reading the license plate of moving cars, or the small text under a TV advertisement, from far away. My friends advised me to stop pushing my luck, and try spending less time in front of the computer. They said my eyes will certainly be affected in the future, but I had my doubts.

Since my parents, who agreed with my friends, were pestering me to take up a sport, I decided to please them and try jogging. A quick search online revealed the best equipment to buy, and the best time of the day to start jogging. After learning everything I needed to know, I was all set.

My excellent equipment really helped a lot. My sneakers were great, and the player I’d chosen, the sansa c250 mp3 player was doing a great job, even though it was quite cheap and I wasn’t expecting much from it. The small player was so nice, that I even started using it when I’d sit in front of the computer, because it had better sound quality.

Currently I still spend a lot of time in front of my PC, but I’ve also allocated a lot of time to jogging and other sports. My physical condition has improved drastically and I’m very happy my family and friends pushed me down this path. I like knowing that while I can still have all kinds of fun doing computer activities, I’m not wasting my health doing it. There’s a fantastic feeling knowing that!

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