Let me just say this; I do not take pleasure in putting other Network Marketers gurus down on the internet. Know this simple reality; for you to be making the kind of money these top earners and trainers like Dani are earning, you must be offering value to people’s life. When you give value to people, They will be willing to buy from you without you promoting. But we, MLM professionals, are so focused on pitching our business to others without giving them value.

NO, Dani Johnson is not a scam. I have researched her and her preaching into details. She is giving value to folks and educating them how to be triumphant in business and in life in general. I don’t know her full life chronicle. After been broke at young age and on the streets, she became a millionaire about age 23. That is very impressive. Assuming you take a look of her materials, you would know that she is not a rip-off. I really haven’t sit under her teachings, but I can tell you for a fact that she is a good trainer and she is good at her craft.

With regards to Dani Johnson script book, I am not a big fan of using scripts and cold calling anyone. To build your MLM business the old fashion way, you definitely need to cold call. There is no running away from that. Know this information though, 98% of MLM professionals will fail using JUST Dani Johnson script book or any other script book. Using Dani Johnson script is valuable just when you study the hidden secret behind the script. If you are a Network Marketer, then you have heard this before. It is not what you say, but how you say it. If you have the finest script in this world, unless you say it the right way, it will not be effective. The best way to say it will be determined by your posture and you choice of words.

Paying for leads like Dani Johnson probably trains people to carry out is not the smartest and the effective method to generate leads. Be clear about this; Not all has the charisma that Dani Johnson has. You paying high price for leads already decreases your attitude level because your emotion is attached to the process (because you could possibly not sign up anyone).

The best and most effective way to obtain leads is to produce your own leads. When you generate your own leads, the emotional junk is consequentially uninvolved. Because you are regularly coming up with 50+ leads per day for free. This will add to your posture. It is all about your pose. Pitching your MLM enterprise to family and friends, imploring them to come to events, chasing then around, are all unattractive and least efficient way of Network Marketing prospecting.

Here is Dani Johnson top secrets that is evident but not so evident. Do you know that she is gathering her own leads for FREE online? Are you aware that she is not spending money buying leads or opportunity seekers anymore? Are you aware that she does not do any cold calling? Do you know that she has a sound internet presence? Do you know she has her own email list? Are you aware that she recruits (when she wants to) primarily from auto pilot?

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